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Learning Journeys

Digitization, disruption, startup culture and new ways of working. PUETTGEN Consulting offers individual learning journeys on these topics.

What is a Learning Journey?

Learning journeys lead a select group of people into the hitherto unknown – literally „out-of-the-box“. The participants will find inspiring encounters and dialogues with extraordinary personalities and their organizations. Reflection formats developed by us allow the „travelers“ to question the familiar.

What role does leadership play in a learning journey?

The starting point is often the questions of how executives keep their finger on the pulse of the times. Also how they become pioneers for new developments. Or how new insights can be integrated into the company sustainably. Leaders have act as role models . Together with them, we find new paths and support them and their company in following those new paths.

How does such a learning journey work?

Our Learning Journeys consist of three elements:

  1. Encounters and dialogues allow you to actively experience how new trends emerge and how a particular idea can turn into a business success. It is important to us to address the issue of setbacks and failures as well.
  2. Self-reflection helps to question the personal actions and to deduce intentions for next steps.
  3. Finally, retrospectives are the feedback formats that serve for reactivation, anchoring and readjustment.