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How it all started

In fall 2008, we decided to found a consultancy specializing in change management, HR and organizational development. It was during a vacation in the Swiss Bergell. At the same time on the other side of the Atlantic, Lehmann Brothers just went bankrupt. What began as an American real estate bubble became a major global financial crisis. We remember exactly this very moment. Hiking through the chestnut forests near the village of Soglio, we asked ourselves: is this the right time for starting such a business?
Thirteen years and a few crises later we know:
1. Transformation issues have only become more relevant.
2. The human being – and thus also strategic personnel and organizational development – remains a key success factor.
3. There is not the right time; it depends on what you make of it.

Anja and Christoph Püttgen


Our Services

We support national and international clients in change management, personnel and organizational development. We help executives, teams and whole organizations to find and to follow new paths. Our focus is on recognizing and developing existing potential. We are happy to offer each of our formats as a remote or online event. We work with e.g. Zoom, Mural, Mentimeter, Slack, MS Teams, Trello.

Hybrid change
The application of agile methods, such as SCRUM, to change management means: early communication about change, the fastest possible involvement of customers or stakeholders, and target-group-specific and needs-based learning with an eye on practical relevance. We help you develop a culture of ownership for the future, be it in face-to-face, remote, or hybrid formats.
Interactive large groups
As experienced large group facilitators, we can work on issues with 50, 100 or 500 participants. A collective consensus can be reached through the collective experience. We help you to design the event and facilitate in German, English or Dutch, on site or remotely.
team development
Team development is about improving interaction within a team in order to achieve the desired goals of that team. In our experience, it works best when team members trust each other, when they can engage constructively, when they are committed, feel responsible, and focus on results. We provide measures how to avoid typical pitfalls and how to win togehter. We can make this as agile and remote as your team needs.
Management diagnostics
Assessment centers are among the most meaningful procedures for employee selection and potential analysis. We support you in designing and implementing the assessments tailored to your company and the target position, on site or remotely. All our assessments have in common that they provide realistic challenges of the position in question, in order to make strong recommendations.
Talent Management
Our talent management focuses on placement and development of key people in your organization. We offer on site and remote programs for all target groups, which are crucial for the company's success and whose availability is limited in the company and on the job market.
Coaching and Team Coaching
In coaching, we focus on resources, solutions and competencies of the coachees. How can a desired goal be achieved in a self-effective way? What would happen if someone behaves differently than before? We also offer coaching and peer coaching sessions by telephone or video conference.




“The time of thought leaders is over. It is more and more about active participation. Instead of thinking on my own, I use the collective intelligence of everyone involved.``

Peter Kruse

What do our customers typically request?

  • “I want to do a team workshop, but my people work remotely. How does that work anyway?”
  • “How could our development program be virtualized with classic presence modules?”
  • “I want our employees to take more responsibility and come out of their passive consumer attitude.”
  • “How do we gain more commitment to our new strategy within the whole organization?”
  • “Could a change workshop be facilitated online or remotely?”
  • „Our employee satisfaction is declining, identification with the company and confidence in management are lost – what now?”
  • “I am looking for a trainer / facilitator to support an international leadership development program.”
  • “We are looking for an agile development program for our high potentials, also with virtual content.”
  • “I am experiencing a very difficult team dynamic and need a coach to strengthen my leadership position.”
  • “I am looking for a trainer / consultant specialized in change management, coping with resistance, and leadership in a vuca worled (VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).”
  • “I am looking for someone to facilitate a remote large group event/ management conference in the context of the corona crisis.”
  • “I need someone to design and/or facilitate an Assessment Center – in German / English or Dutch.”
  • “We need support in converting our traditional Assessment Center to a remote Assessment Center.”
  • “I want my team to better understand each other and to collaborate more successfully.”
  • “I am facing a difficult decision and would like to find the right path for me.”
  • “I have taken over a new team and would like to reflect about current challenges and how to jointly tackle them.”


project examples

More details? Other project examples? Contact us!

Transformation Journey

Twelve Northern European IT experts have literally been sent on a journey of change as “transformation scouts”. In exchange with very different people, who had mastered extreme changes, they reflected personal and organizational coping withchange. Based on the insights they gained, they finally organized transformation dialogues within the whole organization.

Watch Video ``Talent Program: Transformation Journey``


``We have to take it in our own hands!``


Anja Püttgen


Christoph Püttgen


Till Laßmann

Visual Facilitator

Heidi Hemmers

Senior Consultant

What we stand for

We focus on the human being. We have sound training and methodical skills.
We communicate directly and respectfully. We bring transparency. We are good at dealing with conflicts.
We take responsibility and persuit for results. We keep our promises. We know that quality prevails.
Team Spirit
We enjoy developing and acting in common. We love diversity. We appreciate complementarity and serendipity 😉

Contact us

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