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Simply communicate strategies with the change story

The change story spans the arc from the starting position to the targeted goal.

In order to generate the highest possible energy for change, it is helpful to make the process meaningful and comprehensible. Therefore, we develop a visual „change story“ together with our clients.
The change story is based on six core elements or key questions:

1. Where do we stand today? (Starting Position)
2. Why do we have to change (Case for Change)
3. Where do we want to go? (Vision)
4. How will we reach the new situation? (Roadmap)
5. What does that mean for whom? (Stakeholder Analysis/ Impact Analysis)
6. What will stay as before? (Preservation Map)

Benefits of visualization

  • Visualized information is captured in no time.
  • Complex content appears easy and understandable, abstract topics become tangible.
  • Visual information is more memorable.
  • Artfully designed information attracts more attention.


Benefits of the change story

  • A change addresses the challenges from the employees point of view.
  • Easy to understand visual language, which triggers motivation individually.

  • Client: Sales Organisation
  • Date: 2017
  • Service: Development of a Change Story